Shapewear, I love you!

Tonight, I am not cooking.  I am going to a fundraiser dinner for Shanti.

I can’t say I’d rather be home cooking…after all, the event is for a good cause.  Still, there is a pile of zucchini beckoning from the crisper…ah, tomorrow!

But tonight….I never know what to wear to these things….especially, when  I have to commute to get to the event.  DH is working tonight.  I’m on my own, to make my way on BART and a cab or two.  Since I  must leave before sunset, standing at the bus stop wearing full out evening wear is kinda foreboding.  I’ll either be mistaken for a hooker or a bag lady who likes sparkly things…plus, the shoe thing.  I see women wearing 4 inch heels to teeter precariously walk to BART.  They are of tougher stock than me.

So, I dug out a black wool pencil  skirt–actually, I wear these like a uniform, black, navy and more black pencil skirts.  A sheer black pirate’s blouse–acrtually, it’s more like Elvira meets Lord Byron…long, puffy sleeves and ruffled collar…and pointy flats.  And an old Chanel bag.

The real story is what is underneath it all.

Shapewear is an amazing invention.  Let me tell ya….with a good high waisted  firm control brief, no zipper will ever defeat you again!  The thing with shapewear is that moderation is the key.  It can’t be so tight as to shave off  two dress sizes.  It won’t, and it usually makes you look bigger.  It’s merely to smooth out those rolls of fat girly curves, not to make you look like a chorizo. you can’t breath.

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