Oooooooh, hot noodles!

I love Ramen, not just the traditional Japanese noodles  you find in Japan Town in SF, or in any good Japanese restaurant.  I read that in Japan, every town has its own version.  Noodles are the best.  I even love those packages of  Top Ramen that you can buy 50 packages for like $1.00.  Love ’em.

However, I never, ever buy them.  I walk past their shelf  in the grocery store, yearningly waving  as I roll the cart right past. 

These noodles are deep fried to get that crispy cube shape.  Don’t believe me?  Just boil the noodles and look at the sheen on the water.  Too much fat…and the sodium levels!  Oy!  I prefer my fat in the form of  goat cheese,  Irish butter and slabs small, teeny bites of apple smoked bacon. 

Choose your poisons with care.  I don’t believe in denial.  Martyrdom is sad.  Pleasure, wherever and however you find it, is something more people need to wrap around themselves like a soft cashmere blanket.   That said, pleasure seems most vibrant when it is tempered with a touch of moderation.  Polish off an entire chocolate cheese cake, and a bottle of port and you’ll see what I mean.  In other words, I would rather save my calories for something really good.  Sorry, Nissan, but Top Ramen isn’t it.

It’s foggy and cold this morning…I came home late from the Shanti affair last night…more about that later.  I’m sitting here in my leopard print faux fur bath robe–love Frederick’s of Hollywood!!–the Martha Stewart Show in on in the background.  It took me a long time to warm up to her.  She intimidated me.  Now, I share her absolute respect for high standards.  She doesn’t settle.  I love that.

Where was I? Oh yes, ramen. Sometimes, ramen is the perfect thing. So, I am going to make a bowl of noodles for breakfast…my healthy ‘faux’ ramen, of course, if you have fresh udon or rice noodles, those are excellent as well.  But when you don’t…let me introduce you to my…..

Faux Ramen

  • Enough dry pasta–linguine or spaghetti (or any long pasta) for one or two. 

I use whole grain pasta for this…whole wheat, or the new whole grain ones you find at Whole Foods or now, (!) most grocery stores.  Whole grain pasta tastes better for this and is better for you–bumps up the protein–and for me, keeps the post-carbo munchies at bay.

  • Add enough boxed beef broth to boil the pasta      

After 8 mins.,  drain the pasta…pour into a soup bowl (see above, remove cat).

    Now, to make your seasoning packet:
    Sprinkle your pasta with any or all of  the following:

    • Garlic powder
    • Montreal Steak Seasoning (black pepper, salt, spices,etc.)
    • Dried onions
    • Red chili flakes
    • Whatever else lurks in  your spice cabinet.

    Then sir in a few drops of sesame oil, a spritz of soy sauce and if you have it, a good tbl of oyster sauce (Lee Kum Kee is the BEST).

    If you have bean sprouts and cilantro–toss in a handful of each.

    Simple and cheap!

    Get out your chopsticks and enjoy!

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