But Serial Killers Eat Turkey Too!

I read once in one of those new-agey type books that was titled something like:  “The Moon, and It’s Influence on Your Home.” The thesis stated that a woman’s estrogen levels are concurrent with the phases of the moon. I could see the following the connections, e.g., lunar = lunacy = domestic urges.

I’m not sure if the moon is at work during this time of year as much as all of the adds on TV and in print that create that warm, cozy Rockwellian world known as  THE HOLIDAYS.  Normally sane adults turn all nostalgic with Dickensian urges to be expressed through family and friends coming together to share bountiful meals served on linen tableclothed tables festooned with handpicked autumn leaves and hand-painted dried gourds.  Never  mind that you can’t stand your relatives and that Dickens lived in a world of child labor and abject cruelty.  It’s turkey time!

I have these urges big time.  I can’t help it.  My veneer of skepticism and practicality becomes absolutely porous the day after Halloween.   I am that psychotic optimist who hears voices in her head, usually its the voice of Bing Crosby crooning White Christmas leading the loop of constant holiday muzak.   I LOVE the shmaltz of the holiday season. So much so that DH has forbidden me from entering any craft store under threat of having me committed for my own safety and the safety of the cats.  Though, I really fail to see why he absolutely blanched last night when he saw that I had downloaded a pattern for felt pilgrim hats where you can make little slits for the cat’s ears.

I can see it now, the Animal Control officer pointing his taser at me, “Just drop the glue gun and no one will get hurt!” as the cats and probably DH cowered in the corner wearing partially finished Pilgrim costumes. 

DH is an engineer by trade…one of those, you know, linear, down-to-earth types.  I think this is probably why we have such a good marriage.  We are polar opposites.  He’s stoically quiet whereas I see people as potential partners for making one giant conga line.  We keep each other in check.  I don’t get into cars with strangers and he occasionally cracks up laughing.

Yesterday, we went to the grocers to buy THE turkey.  As we got into the elevator to go down the down to the garage.  I gushed, “I love the holidays!! and you know how we always buy too much?”  We do, we’re the only couple in the building who, when they open the trunk to their car, has a forest of grocery bags.  We never throw anything away, but since food is our hobby it seems, we have become fanatics about running and working out to counter our food purchases and expanding girths.  We eat and we run: we have turned into giant gastropods. 

DH had that irritating look on his face that said he was at once worried and irritated.  “Yeah…?” I bounced up and down to emphasize my glee, “Why don’t we post an ad on Craigslist and invite people over who have no where to go for Thanksgiving??!  Isn’t that a cool idea??”  I love the idea of a dinner party of random people.  Imagine the conversations. 

Visions of serial killers and robbers danced through DH’s counter arguments.  What a mean world he inhabits!  Sigh.  I’m constrained to post a note in the elevator to invite
solo neighbors to come and share.  DH doesn’t need to know.  When people arrive, what can he say?  Besides, we have been doing this since we moved in and he has yet to say a word.
What uber friendly act are you doing for Thanksgiving??

Last night we had Miso’d Tilapia–super, super easy:

Tilapia in Miso & White Wine

1 package of Trader Joe’s Miso Soup (I love the bits of dried tofu)
1 lb of tilapia filets
1/2 cup of white wine
2 tbl of white sugar

In a ziploc bag combine the ingredients, add the fish.  Seal and ‘massage’ the fish to ensure that everything is combined.  Refrigerate for an hour up to 12 hours.  Pour contents, wine et al, into a baking dish and bake at 350 for 20 mins or until the fish is opaque.

I serve this with brown rice and a salad with a good sesame dressing.  Pretty nifty meal.


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  1. I stopped by from SITS to say hi and I found something that I really like. I like how you write and your recipes. So welcome to SITS and I will be buy again.

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