Real Voices in my Head. Damn.

I rise up and squint at the clock, 5:20 a.m.

The room is still dark, save for the light coming from under the bathroom door where DH is getting ready for work. Everything looks familiar—I’m home, I’m in bed and I am safe…however my ears tell me something quite different. Be afraid, very afraid…Welcome to the Twilight zone.

Let me fill in the back story: DH and I are NPR geeks. The area where we live is blessed with 3 different NPR stations so it is always on in the background. We can name all of the announcers, which as I write this, suddenly seems so sad.  But there it is. Geeks we be.  What’s interesting to me is how polarizing this admission is. When we mention NPR, some people call us wacky liberals…I tend to avoid these people…at the other end of the spectrum are friends who, when they hear the letters NPR, raise their eyebrows in total and genuine concern, ask, “How could you guys listen to such conservative drivel?”  I just thought NPR was kind of, you know, fair and balanced, middle of the road.  Besides, where else can I hear hours of uninterrupted broadcasts from the BBC?  Don’t you just love The Strand??  Talk about book reviews written for English majors!   But  I digress.

What woke me up this morning was proof that there are some stories that make you wonder if it is wise to set the alarm clock radio to NPR.  This morning, even before the sun had peeked its rosy nose over the bridge, I heard something so troublesome I had to sit straight up angry and in total and completely stupefaction.

NPR did a story covering those TEA party folk that seem to be popping up like toadstools throughout the center of our country.  Name calling is bad.  Ad hominem attacks are, as we know, the lowest form of argument—it’s not really arguing…but sometimes name calling is an act that is just viscerally satisfying. Here goes: These people are simply racist homophobes who really need to go back and read the Federalist Papers and maybe the Bill of Rights, and hey, while they’re at it…the Bill of Rights.   I like to think I am open minded, maybe not so much.  These TEA party folk make me want to rethink whether or not being open-minded is a good thing. I mean, would I allow my child to watch FOX news or Glenn Beck (their fomenting leader)??  Questions like that help substantiate my choice to not breed…

These people claim a groundswell following…(now there’s a scary thought…a “Honey, where’s our passport” type of scary).  Name calling is so silly, I admit…however, if their concerns were based on facts and not some weird racist reactionary agenda, maybe I’d listen…Like where were they during the Bush administration, when spending skyrocketed?  They claim to support individual liberty?  I think not…where were their protests when Cheney and his henchmen eviscerated civil liberties under the guise of fighting terrorism??

They’re simple right-wing ideologues who don’t like the new president because, well, I think we all know why.  When questioned about what Obama has done to engender their hatred of all things Obama,  Lorie Medina (one of their leaders)  was unable to specify even one act. Not one!  Not even a hint (visions of Sarah Palin, anyone?).  That a leader within this movement could be stumped by this seemingly obvious question – you would think that the answer would form a substantive plank in their platform–is jaw dropping amazing.  Perhaps her inability to respond belies the fact that these folk are merely rats clinging to a sinking ship…our society is finally evolving into one that is (hopefully) more inclusive…(finally!) the anglo-patriachial-evangalical christian paradigm is being displaced…and these people refuse to let go.

Grrrrrrrrr.  I need to go run.

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  1. you write your emotions so eloquently, I just love reading your posts. I agree on so many levels with you, your anger shows through without any loss of your control over your words. I envy that writer’s control you have! 🙂

  2. What a lovely comment–if only I had such control in real life! Ha! Witty retorts or verbal control usually come to mind days after when they’d be most appropriate. I am so happy (I’m jumping up and down) that you love reading my posts! You made my day!

    (who is like totally secure and never needs external praise…yeah, right)

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